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    April 6, 2020 at 2:44 pm

    We’re very excited to share our tool with Digital Health Canada’s community: https://covid19.therappx.com

    It all started when one of our software developers shared with us his observation of an increase in collective anxiety. Thoughtful, he reminded us that we could help people with our expertise in evaluating mobile health applications and our technologies. Therappx is usually involved in the creation of App formularies for various clients that want to embrace Digital Health Tools (employers, healthcare organizations, etc.). After a week taking the shape of a hackathon, the website came up totally free to use for Canadians.

    It’s simple:

    • Our tool finds for each person a mobile application that specifically targets anxiety and stress in these difficult times. <i style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>For example, several apps have created content specific to managing stress during the pandemic, or offer their app for free. We analyzed each potentially interesting applications for Canadians before categorizing them to support the selection of the right tool by the person doing the research. This follows the rigorous yet efficient methodology that we currently use for our services.
    • We also added a section on local services in each Canadian province to help people know what the government is providing in terms of information regarding mental health and services.

    For us, it’s also a stepping stone in demonstrating the importance of Digital Health Tools in regards to self-care and how they may help reduce pressure on the healthcare system, especially during the pandemic. Many features and upgrades will be added during the next weeks to further help the population.

    Feel free to share any comments or suggestions with us at mcardinal@therappx.com.

    Michael Cardinal, Chief Clinical Officer

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